-   Lupul Şi Mielul

Outside the sheep, inside the wolf // Lupul Şi Mielul

video installation 2012

MAGMA Contemporary Art Space

Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romania


‘Monkey’ is an installation where I was trying to give life to an inanimate object. This time I mounted a plaster hand on the wall and attached an animated monkey to it, who

is obviously trying to escape, but struggling to pull out his hand. The illusion suggests that he simply cannot detach from the real object - or from what the object

cannot be separated – and thereby becomes a prisoner of art.


I applied a deer head mount on the wall and projected the rest of his body from a video I shot in Margit Island Wildlife Park. A static 3D head and a dynamic 2D body moving

around it. This somewhat chilling act had one particular purpose; to pose the question on people, if we need art to project the fallen parts on a dead animal’s head, or

can we just use our imagination?